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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

How to put source code in the blog? Input the code in following convention in HTML-mode where you want to put the code. <pre lang=”matlab” line=”3″ > function y = myfunction(x) % Function of one argument with one return value a = [-2 -1 0 1]; % Have a global variable of the same name […]

It’s nice to have conventions for LaTeX documents when you collaborate with other authors. Here are some conventions that we keep in our group. A general principle is to have some files that are used in multiple papers (bibliography, math definitions, some figures, etc.) apart from the specific directories containing the latex code for the […]

Sometimes it is useful to make a LaTeX document shorter. One reason is a page-limit. Another is saving trees. This goes a bit against the LaTeX philosophy where you enter content and LaTex formats. But it’s sometimes useful nevertheless. Also, remember that some conferences/journals will not allow the following so use them at your own […]

Not sure if I can appreciate every single matrix entry but I thought some were funny (the bottom row is my favorite). From:

Exporting Figures in Matlab Exporting figures from Matlab to eps (or many other formats) is relatively straightforward using the print -d<format> command. A problem rises, however, when you try to use the pdf format as the resulting pdf has incorrect margins and does not work well when you include it in a latex document. Also, […]