We are currently working on projects in the following areas. Most of the work described below is funded by National Science Foundation and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Computationally efficient parameter estimation in graphical models [1,2]
Dillon, Lebanon

Non-parametric modeling of concept drift [1,2]
Lebanon, Zhao, Zhao

Asymptotic Analysis of Generative semi-supervised learning [1]
Balasubramanian, Dillon, Lebanon

Incorporating domain knowledge into statistical modeling [1,2,3]
Lebanon, Mao

Machine Learning for Language Processing [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8]
Kidwell, Collins-Thompson, Dillon, Lebanon, Mao

Analysis of Computer Systems Data [1,2]
Bagchi, Modelo-Howard, Lebanon

Modeling and analysis of preference data [1,2,3]
Kidwell, Lebanon, Mao, Sun

Unsupervised supervised learning [1]
Balasubramanian, Donmez, Lebanon

Visualizing text documents [1,2,3]
Balasubramanian, Dillon, Kim, Lebanon, Mao

Visualizing search engines [1]
Collins-Thompson, Lebanon, Sun